The Man in the Ear:

L’Homme dans l’Oreille homme-dans-loreil

Autors: Paul NOGIER / Raphäël NOGIER

Editor : Sauramps Médical, 2010

ISBN : 9782840236689

Language: French

After a lifetime of work, Paul Nogier died in 1993 leaving all mankind a wonderful legacy. Thanks to his discovery of the auricle properties, thousands of patients can find relief every day by the help of auriculotherapy. Auriculotherapy is now taught in French and European schools. In 1990, the World Health Organization met in Lyon, in the beautiful premises of the Town Hall, with a task for the working group to establish a standardization of the nomenclature of the ear points. It was a way to recognize and to promote the ear reflexology. Dr. Nakajima, the Director General of the WHO at that time, came to pronounce a speech which I reproduce here as an extract: « This is WHO’s intention to promote and recommend for international use of the full nomenclature auricular acupuncture. We hope this will facilitate research in the field of auricular therapy enabling reproducible and comparable studies. Finaly, may I take the opportunity to tell our gratitude for the debt of honor that modern medicine has towards doctor Paul Nogier, a distinguished son of the city of Lyon.  » This recognition of auriculotherapy by the most prestigious medical institution in the world was a huge reward and a source of joy for his medical inventor. 



Autor : Raphaël NOGIER.

Preface: de Dr. Joseph M. HELMS

Editor : Thime Publishers, 2008

ISBN : 978-3-13-148001-9

Language: English

Auriculotherapy is based on proven correspondences between locations on the external ear and the internal organs and sustems of the body.

The ear acts like an input/output terminal in direct contact with the central nervous system. Information on viscerosomatic states can be accessed via visual clues, skin conductivity, and pressure sensitivity at specific points.

The first part of « Auriculotherapy » shows how acupuncture needles are used in sophisticated and powerful therapeutic interventions. The second part introduces the principles and practice of auriculomedicine, a true frequency medicine that evolved from Dr. Paul Nogier’s auriculotherapy, his discovery of the VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal) in the pulse and his consequent observations of the diagnostic and therapeutic properties of radiant frequencies on the skin.

A servicable, contemporary work for students of acupuncture as well as practitioners, offering clear and practical information to be aplied directly for the benefit of patients.

Piste au lait :

piste-au-laitPiste au lait

Autor : Andéol CRIQ.

Preface: Dr. Raphaël NOGIER

Editor : Editions Ambre, 2007

(adresse pour commander : B.P. 13, 38661 Le Touvet cedex, France)

ISBN : 978-2-84639-095-8

Language: French

This is a novel that is read in one stait. Dr. Nicolas finds that his from breast cancer suffering patients present an intense distaste to milk. A certain Dr. Loubet, director of the International Agency for Research on Food employs all means to disseminate ideas beneficial to the industry and thus blocks essential information. To read without moderation and to recommend to all patients.

Auriculotherapy – 1st degree:

auriculotherapie-degreAuriculothérapie 1er degré

Autor : Raphaël NOGIER

Editor : Editions Sauramps médical, 2000

(adresse pour commander : 11, Bvd. Henri IV, 34000 Montpellier, France)

ISBN : 2-84023-228-6

Languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguess, Danish

This little book focuses on the practical and modern approach of auricular points. This book is translated into 7 languages to advise all beginners because from reading, you can start practicing.

auriculotherapie-2-degreAuriculotherapy 2nd degre

Autor : Raphaël NOGIER

Editor : Editions Sauramps médical, 2006

(adresse pour commander : 11, Bvd. Henri IV, 34000 Montpellier, France)

ISBN : 2-84023-488-2

Languages: French, Italian, Danish

This comprehensive book covers the frequency application and the theory of phases.

auriculotherapie-pratiqueIntroduction pratique à l’auriculothérapie

Autor : Paul NOGIER

Preface: de Professeur Pierre MAGNIN

Editor : Editions Maisonneuve, 1977

ISBN : 2-7160-0055-7

Languages: French, Danish

This little work has allowed thousands of doctors to start with basic auriculotherapy. There are no blah-blah, but a lot of practical advice.

Practical introduction to auriculomedicine:

introduction-pratique-auriculomedecineIntroduction pratique à l’auriculomédecine

Autor : Raphaël NOGIER

Preface: de Dr. Paul NOGIER

Editor : Editions Haug, 1993

ISBN : 2-8043-4012-0

Languages: French, German

This book published in 1993 discusses auriculomedicine via the phenomenon of the cutaneous photoperception. It aims to place auriculomedicine on ways of scientific reasoning. One chapter was written by Michel Marignan that addresses research on the VAS.

planche-auriculotherapieAuriculotherapy chart

Autor : Raphaël NOGIER

This auriculotherapy chart shows ear point/area  localisations discovered by Paul Nogier in 1987. It is simple, elegant, indispensable.

Languages: French,German, English, Portuguese

Food intake and food allergies:

bonheur-ds-assieteLe bonheur est dans l’assiette

Autor : Raphaël NOGIER

Preface: de Professeur Pierre MAGNIN

Editor : Editions Ambre, 2003 (adresse pour commander : B.P. 13, 38661 Le Touvet cedex, France)

ISBN : 2-84639-034-7

Languages: French, Italian, Danish

This highly structured book deals with food and their involvement in various diseases. This is a practical book to consult regularly to adapt the diet to different pathological conditions. Happiness is in the plate is the book that must be read if one does not have much knowledge in this area.

lait-femmesCe lait qui menace les femmes

Autor : Raphaël NOGIER

Editor : Editions du Rocher, 1994

ISBN : 2-268-01833-4

Languages: French, Italian, Portuguesz

It is a founding text where the author tells how he discovered that there is a probable link between intake of dairy products and the occurrence of breast cancer. More than a story, it is a way of thinking that allows the reader to gain a foothold in the field of hidden food allergies.