i284571214441585799__szw480h1280_Graduate of the Medical School in Tours (France), doctor Raphael Nogier belongs to a family of doctors. His grandfather Associate Professor Thomas Nogier was one of the pioneers of radium, and was the promoter of electrotherapy. His father, Paul Nogier, discovered the reflex properties of the auricle and created the method of auriculotherapy. After several years working with his father, Raphael Nogier played an active role to promote the knowledge on auriculotherapy. Besides the intense teaching activity around the world, he was Reporter of the Scientific Group on the Standardization of Nomenclature of Acupuncture Points (WHO meeting in Geneva, 1989) and Chairman of the Working Group on the Standardization of the Nomenclature of the Ear Points (WHO meeting in Lyon, 1990)

Being interested in food allergies and mainly in hidden food allergies, Doctor Raphaël Nogier published in 1994, the book « The milk that threatens women », where he as one of the first draws attention to the first probable link between dairy intake and the occurrence of breast cancer. He explains that he could notice that women who have not been breastfed as a child, are more commonly affected with breast cancer in adulthood. He also notices that women presenting breast cancer show an abnormally disgust to pure milk. In 1997, in his book « Hidden allergies in breast diseases » he suggests to take into account the food hypersensitivities in epidemiological research on « food intake and breast cancer ».

Based on studies of Paul Nogier, Raphael Nogier publishes in 2012 an innovative book « Personalized food intake  » where he describes the RAFT (Radial Artery Food Test): a new test to detect hidden food allergies. While taking the radial pulse with the aim to sense the VAS (Vascular Autonomous Signal), it seems possible to detect food sensitivities when approaching to the skin food samples cut into thin slices. This proceeding is based on the fact that light passing through a biological substance, will get a sort of a print of the unique spectral strucutre of the substance being passed through. It is a technique, which does not require expensive equipment and can help to  easily detect food sensitivities in patients.

Actually, Raphaël Nogier is president of the Lyon Medical Studies Group (GLEM), which since its creation trained in auriculotherapy several thousands of medical doctors interested in clnical medicine.  Doctor Raphaël Nogier gives regularly lectures on food allergy treatment and auriculotherapy in France but also all over the world. Every two years he organizes the « Medical Days in September » that bring together French and English doctors willing to learn medical techniques based on clinical examination.

Furthermore, Dr. Raphael Nogier is committed to the defense of médicine respectful to Man and Nature.