Diet due Dr. Raphael Nogier

dr-raphael-nogierThe medical and scientific world is really interested in power for a short time. There are still a few years, the medical school will spent no time teaching about it.

Fortunately, today we are witnessing a reversal of trends before the arrival of certain diseases that previously were not epidemic in our country. Obesity, for example.

One thing is clear. Our diet has changed dramatically since 1950. For many reasons, the content of our plate is not the same as that of our parents and grandparents.

-The agricultural mechanization and the use of fertilizers and pesticides have altered products;

-The methods of cold storage have allowed the industrialization of products;

-The rapid transport facilitated the migration of fruit and vegetables;

-The democratization of the refrigerator, microwave radically changed the logic of buying households;

-The mouth advertising on television has created new needs, new modes and new behaviors.

Meanwhile the conditions have changed. Some diseases have virtually disappeared, such as stomach cancer. Others have had a very important development as breast cancer. What is the role of diet in these changes?

Today, doctors are faced with numerous complaints related to poor diet. The patient knows that he describes disorders are attributable to what he eats. The doctor also it is not necessarily aware

What should we eat?

With a new clinical test, called RAFT (Radial Artery Food Test) we can offer everyone a personalized diet. We can test each food in any patient and thus detect hostile reactions to food.

The doctor placed on the skin of his ill-test a ring containing a food and assesses its compatibility by taking the radial pulse of the patient. If hostile reaction form of the radial pulse changes and becomes more « soft ».

Teaching Program

The instruction on food we provide to physicians, physiotherapists and health professionals to enable is to acquire sufficient knowledge necessary to advise the patient in a practical way.

  • food composition
  • the classification of diseases related to diet
  • the digestive system
  • notions of allergies and intolerances
  • why food allergies?
  • the signs of hidden food allergies
  • Vascular Autonomic Signal (V.A.S)
  • the rings test preparation technique
  • food testing by spectro Photo cutaneous perception
  • the recognition test
  • the test in contact
  • Test away
  • the allergy test
  • Consultation
  • Special diet: obesity, breast cancer, fever, joint pain, anxiety, depression, hair loss etc …