colonneThe recent technic of posturology is more and more exercised in France, in Europe and throughout the world. It is an elegant and efficient technic, that aims to harmonize the activity of the para-vertebral muscles and therefore to create an optimum situation for the upright posture and for walking. The technic of posturology can be principally applied on patients suffering from cephalgia, migraines, vertebral pain or pain of lower extremities. Moreover, badly lateralized patients suffering from dyslexia can also be treated.

Even though auriculomedicine is not essential for the treatment with posturology, the technic of auriculomedicine gives the reasoning, the arguments and above all incomparable techniques of diagnosis. This is why, I will try, regarding my possibilities, to offer to our students courses on posturology in the frame of the studies of auriculomedicine. Today, it becomes natural to follow up a course of auriculo by a course of posturology.


Beginning the last century, Charles BELL stated a fundamental question, which the modern posturology tries to resolve today:

How is it possible for a human being to stay upright or inclined in respect to the force of the wind?

Today, different ressearches let us suppose that there exsist a very complex postural system commanded by the central nervous system. This system is expressed on the para-vertebral muscle structure and is influenced by various entries:

  • exteroceptors: sight, touch, hearing
  • proprioceptors that posess different structures
  • superior centres that integrate selected strategies.

Posturology will schematically consist of the modification of the behaviour of the para-vertebral muscles by acting on the different entries: eye, foot, skin, jaw, etc… The interest of posturology lies therefore on the studies of the origin of the deseases linked with vertebral disturbances. It is more easy to treat a para-vertebral contraction by reeducation of the eyes (in case there is a convergence disturbance) than by myorelaxant medication.

Auriculomedicine naturally has its place in the practice of posturology. Here are some therapeutical strategies originated from auriculomedicine :

  • diagnosis of certain disfunctions by the help of VAS
  • treatment of certains ear points with neadles in order to stimulate the function of organs that interfere in the regulation of the postural system: points of the eye, the jaw, the tragus ;
  • application of polarised or frequencies emiting soles. These soles generally work by exteroception. They represent the applications of the discoveries of Paul Nogier on frequencies.

In the frame of Journées Médicales de Septembre (Medical Days in September), which are organized with the aim to bring together medical doctors and therapists, who apply auriculomedicine, two days of posturology (applications in auriculomedicine) will systematicaly be integrated into the programm every year.