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Principals of auriculotherapy

Fundamental knowledge on auriculotherapy and introduction to VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal of Nogier)

Lecturer: Doctor Raphaël NOGIER 
Seminar language: French / English

This seminar on auriculotherapy is before all clinical and practical.

The students will be introduced to the fondamental principles of auriculotherapy, followed by localisations, as well as treatment protocols of in daily medical practise frequently presented pathologies.

Seminar programme in detail

New schedule to come soon

Seminar on advanced auriculotherapy

Application of VAS (Vascular Autonomous Signal of Nogier)

Lecturers: Doctor Raphaël NOGIER, Doctor Bernard DEFFONTAINES, Doctor Michel MARIGNAN 
Seminar language: French / English

This semanar is for students who already practise basic auriculotherapy (auriculotherapy without VAS).

Seminar targets:

The aim of this seminar is to study and to learn how to use the famous Auriculo-Cardiac Reflex, also called Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) or the vascular signal of Nogier. This vascular signal is perceptive on distal arteries, principally on the radial artery, and gives the practitioner the possibility to state a diagnosis in general medical practice, as well as in auriculotherapy.

This seminar is exceptional for several reasons. First, English speaking seminars on VAS are rare. Second, a big part will be dedicated to practice.

During this seminar, the students will learn how to feel VAS (vascular signal of Nogier) and how to use it in treatment combined with auriculotherapy.

After a reminder on the essential notions of auriculotherapy, we will go deeply into the understanding of the VAS phenomenon in its theoretical, the scientific, as well as practical aspect. The students will discover the enormous spectre of the VAS (Vascular Autonomic Signal of Nogier) application: Nogier frequencies and the notion of  cutaneous photoperception.  Treatment protocols of in daily medical practise presented pathologies will be discussed.

Seminar programme in detail


Medical Days in September – JMS

Auriculotherapy perfection and the VAS

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Medical Days in September were created in 2004.

Since then this week of perfection in auriculotherapy is the rendez-vous for pationate in auriculotherapy.

As every year, we are glad to offer you once again an exceptional programme.

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Medical Days in September – JMS 2021

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Lecturers of the last session: Professor Pierre MAGNIN, Doctor Alain MESTRALLET, Doctor Daniel ASIS,  Doctor Michel MARIGNAN, Doctor Claire-Marie RANGON, Doctor Pascal VIDAL

Seminar details of the last session in 2017